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4-H sheep attacked by loose pitbulls

Lake County Sheriffs Department received a call from citizen Bob Hutchins this past Wednesday, July 31 at approximately 4 p.m. pertaining to animal violence on the 1100 block of South I and J streets.

Two pitbull canines left their domicile and wandered to the home of the owners’ friend. When the friend was bringing the canines back to the owners, the canines saw two sheep and escaped the control of the handler.

The pitbulls attacked the two sheep, fatally wounding one and injuring the other. The two 4-H sheep are owned by the Goudge family’s two kids, Tommy and Sierra, and are showmanship animals for the Lake County Fair and Roundup.

The owners decided it would be best to put one of the sheep down, given its condition and quality of life after being attacked, but the other sheep was deemed fit for survival. The Lakeview Animal Hospital arrived to treat the animals, but declined to further comment on the incident.

The pitbulls have both been impounded, said Sheriff Phillip McDonald, and their fates will be determined after a hearing, the date for which has not been determined.

The Goudge family had intended on selling the sheep at roundup, and plan to pursue the medical costs the family accrued while treating the animals, the amount for which the sheep would have sold, and possible more to be determined at a later date.

For more information, contact the Lake County Sheriffs Office at 541-947-6027.

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