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78th annual Order of the Antelope Trek is July 19-21

Now a tradition spanning nearly eight decades in Lake County, the Order of the Antelope will host their 78th annual trek to Hart Mountain starting Friday, July 19, and continuing through Sunday, July 21.

The group will gather at the Deer Creek Inn at Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge.

This year’s Chief Whitetail is Dean Bauman, 71, of Newport.  Bauman, a graduate of Kansas State University in veterinary medicine, settled in Oregon in 1970.  His career included a veterinary practice in Corvallis for 20 years as well as a practice in Newport for 20 years.

Among the highlights of Bauman’s Newport years was tending to the famed whale Keiko and accompanying him on his return trip to Iceland.  Bauman also served as an Iditarod trail vet for the past six years.

His history with the Order of the Antelope dates back 30-plus years, serving as a cook early on, which he continued for 10-plus years. Bauman also assisted with U.S. Fish and Wildlife predator studies on the mountain for several years.

For a few years, other obligations prevented further involvement, but he returned eventually to serve as Grand Orator for 13 years.

Both his son, Karl, and brother Ralph, are active members of the organization.

Bauman additionally enjoys flying his Cessna 172, cowboy poetry and spending time with his family. hood of conservative sportsmen and am very proud to be your Chief Whitetail,” he said.

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  1. Mark Keppinger  December 21, 2013 at 10:46 am

    We have a Facebook website that promotes our organization, Hart Mtn. Refuge, and surrounding sites of interest in Lake County.



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