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A Different Opinion

I was hoping with the elections now over and behind us that the bull and false statements would also be a thing of the past. I knew I was wrong when I read the story in the Examiner where our new district attorney, Ulys Stapleton said, “the police officers and I have gotten along great”.

I have lived here for a very long time and I have worked with and for both the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and the Town of Lakeview Police Department. I have known the law enforcement officers of this county for many years. While it is true officers have discussed the new district attorney, it is not true that there is a good relationship between our law enforcement officers and Stapleton.

During his campaign Stapleton went out of his way to put down our local officers without any actual proof. He claimed they needed more training, which he promised to get them

Since taking office, he has not tried to work with the local agencies, and even though it has been requested, has not given any money for training, or done any training himself.

Unlike Stapleton, I won’t just ask you to take my word for it, everyone here probably knows at least one officer, trooper or deputy, ask them yourselves and see what the answer really is. I think you’ll find who is still full of hot air and empty promises.

David M. Furtado



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