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Additional funds for stove replacement

Additional funding is available through the South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD) for the replacement of wood stoves.

SCOEDD Economic Development Specialist Audrey Henry said that applications are available for the funds, which will be utilized for the change-out of wood stoves with either high efficiency units or other home heating systems.

For applicants that qualify at low-income levels established by the Housing Urban Development (HUD) agency, the grant program will cover up to $3,000 for a newer wood stove, pellet stove, propane heater or ground-source heat pump, Henry said.

The program will also fund such replacements for landlords whose tenants qualify under HUD low-income eligibility guidelines.

For those applicants who do not meet this eligibility, a $3,000 rebate is available toward a gas stove, propane heater or ductless heat pump, she noted.

Similarly, the Town of Lakeview will finance up to $3,000 loan interest free for this type of heat source replacement for owner-occupied or rental properties.

Payment is deferred upon the sale of the home for low-income residents.  Rental properties or those above the HUD low-income levels require a monthly payment of $50.

In addition to the aforementioned funds, which are sourced from the state Department of Energy as well as a program that redirects air quality violation fines, $500 in home weatherization is included.

Free chimney sweeps are also available for both new and previous program applicants, Henry said.

All funds are available on a first come, first served basis, Henry said.  Lake County has received about $200,000 in dedicated funds for local wood stove replacements.

Applications are available from Audrey Henry at her office in the Lake County Courthouse.

The program is part of a concerted local effort to improve air quality conditions in the Lakeview area.

For more information, contact Henry at 541-947-6013.

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