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Ag Awareness Day enlightens youth

Ag Awareness Day enlightens youth

The annual Lakeview High School Ag Awareness day fell on Wednesday, Oct. 23 this year, bringing students from 4th, 5th and 6th grades at the AD Hay and Union elementary schools to LHS.

Around 170 kids visited the high school campus for the day, joining LHS and DMS Ag students for four stations of presentations and activities.  At Station #1, elementary students learned about four subjects under the Science of Food Production- veterinary science and physiology, food science and meat as well as beef cattle and branding.

Next came the #2 station on Ag Mechanics, which included a small engines section, s’mores, arc welding and a station on other types of welding.  The third station was Animal Science, which covered swine, livestock grains, sheep and horses.

Megan Reese and David Arcularius taught their visitors about veterinary science, showing them certain items like syringes used in medicating an animal, while Abbi Brooks and Rachel Thomas helped kids make ice cream in bags for their food science activity.

Jessica Alves was responsible for talking about meat, while McKenna Albertson discussed cow milk with the kids.  Their station had a live calf as part of the day’s attractions.

The beef cattle branding station offered a chance for children to try their hands at roping a dummy with the help of Jack Graham, Rial Engelhart, JT Villagrana and Hunter Parks.

Small engines students Tristan Witham, Tyler McManus, Clinton Charles, Zac Payne and Nick Lindsay showed elementary groups around the shop, with jars of different oils to show and a motorbike that they revved up for the kids.

Caiden Hogue and Dalton Alexander demonstrated stick or arc welding techniques, with EJ Albertson covering other kinds of welding for different applications or materials.

All in all, the day covered agriculture and ranching “From the Field to the Fork” which was the theme.  The intent was to cover the various industries involved in the food production chain and improve children’s literacy on the subject of agriculture.

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