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Air Quality committee plans community outreach

Laying the groundwork for the final stage of their planning process, the Lakeview Air Quality advisory committee met on Tuesday, Jan. 21 to discuss how to involve the community of Lakeview and surrounding areas.

The committee has a number of reasons to ensure the community is on board with their plan, not least of which is implementation of the plan itself.

State funding for necessary air quality improvement programs is another, as mentioned by one of the committee members.  The Oregon legislature likes to make sure the community supports the programs as well, was one comment.

Though they first addressed unfinished business with a short discussion period, more involved was discussion over planning public outreach and brainstorming sessions.  Their first public meeting is planned for Wednesday, Feb. 19, from 6 to 8 p.m.

OSU Extension Agent Pete Schreder has been asked to facilitate the meeting, making sure members of the public keep to ground rules for an orderly discussion.  The first meeting was identified as primarily serving as a chance to educate the community and address potential questions.

For unfinished business, the committee had to look over the final edits and clarifications to their written plan, making sure it was ready to be presented to the Town Council, County Commissioners and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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