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Air Quality Concerns Part II

Wood is a renewal resource, stove oil and propane are not. Electric heat is not an economical option due to our normally long, cold winters. We need to continue using renewable resources whenever possible to stretch the existence of our non-renewable resources.

If safe, open burning is eliminated as a method of organic refuse disposal our local landfill will fill up at an alarming rate causing a larger tax burden to replace the landfill. We will all be paying more in dumping fees to get rid of the organic material.

I live out-of-town and am concerned with my rights to manage my own affairs, while still being considerate to my neighbors. Most of my neighbors have and use wood stoves and/ or do open burning in the fall. I feel it is our right to continue doing so.

I try to be conscious of the air quality when I do open burning. I do not burn when an inversion is present or the air is stagnant. I wait for a breeze of three to five mph blowing to the north away waste paper burning in my burn barrel covered by a screen. I never burn caustic materials such as plastic or rubber.

I am in favor of continuance of the present air quality management system the Town of Lakeview has established whereby they use a green/ yellow/ red lighting system to relay to the citizens the wood stove burning conditions.

People who only have wood stoves as their primary source of heat and those of us living out-of-town should be allowed to continue using our wood stoves. Education and co-operation are the best-continued solution/ mitigation of our wintertime air quality problem.

Using the heavy-handed method suggested by those people more fortunate than others will cause a major riff in the community and Goose Lake Valley.

 Gary L. Johnson

Lake County Retired Forester

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