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Alleges Outrageous Behavior

As a widowed, 69-year-old lady with great grandchildren, I was mortified by my treatment Wednesday, Sept. 17 in Lakeview.

I was driving my 2003 35 ft Winnebago Adventurer to my home in Reno, Nev. I stayed the prior night at Hunters RV Park. When I left there Wednesday morning, it had started to rain heavily. I stopped to fill my gas tank at Staub and Sons Chevron station. My receipt is time stamped 9:03 a.m.

When I arrived at Safeway, my next stop, I noted three cars in front with two more vehicles in the next row. I parked in the completely empty furthest row. I waited about five minutes for a break in the rain, then went to do my shopping. My Safeway receipt shows I left the cash register at 9:28 a.m.

At my RV, I put away my groceries and was preparing to leave when a Lake County Sheriff’s pickup pulled in front of me, blocking my exit. He got out of his cruiser, grabbed some paperwork, and went into Safeway. When he came back and knocked on my door, he appeared agitated. He began a harangue, repeating several times (allegedly) that, “You have to leave right now. This is encampment and this is the only grocery store in town. Parking is for customers only and the Safeway manager called the police and wants you to leave immediately.”

Interspersed in the harangue were my protests that I hadn’t been there long— at the longest maybe 45 minutes, including my shopping time.

I also said that I WAS a customer, showing him the empty Safeway bags. I said I would leave if he would move his truck. He moved and we proceeded down Hwy 395. On my way out of town the time was 9:40 a.m.

I am in shock over the tone and vehemence used by this deputy. I did not deserve this treatment for the 37 minutes between getting gas and leaving town.


Carole McInerney

Reno, Nev

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