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Ammunition prices skyrocket

Lakeview’s budget committee met for the first of its annual meetings on Tuesday, April 30, to discuss the fiscal reports of the year-to-date.

Among the items discussed was the budget for Town Police ammunition.

Thanks to some timely increases in government contracts, manufacturers around the country have cut back on sales to commercial businesses.

Customers all over have felt the impact as demand has exceeded the supply for a longer period of time than desired.

Reasons for the increase in government contracts are unclear, but the effect it has had on local merchants is crystal.

They are short on ammunition, often getting bought out of their supply days after delivery.

Reasons for the shortage range from both a lack of consistent delivery to bulk purchasing.

Even law enforcement is forced to deal with rising prices and shortened supply. While there is certainly no shortage of ammunition for the sheriff, state and town police, prices are expected to go up soon.

According to officer Mark Boone of the Town Police, the firearms instructor who handles ammunitions inventory, it’s not a matter of if prices go up so much as it is a matter of when prices will go up.

Law enforcement’s prices have yet to meet that of the general public for ammunition, but that is expected to change within the year.

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  1. Hassan bin Sober (Real name withheld )  May 8, 2013 at 7:28 am

    Maybe I’m be the only one in town with plenty of ammo!


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