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Another Four Years

On April 21 I attended the Candidates Forum at Christmas Valley. Unfortunately, the incumbents: Shoun, Kestner and McDonald, had nothing new to say during their individual presentations and during the question and answer period. It looks like another four years of the same if they are re-elected. What a shame, in my opinion, that they have not learned anything or thought of anything new during their past and current terms of office.

McDonald can only promise to do the best with what he is given. I have never heard the Commissioners set a limit to “what he is given.” Kestner did acknowledge that the North Annex of the Courthouse, at Christmas Valley, is in deplorable shape. He stated to the group that the best thing that could happen was that it burn down. Was any thought given to its condition during the approval of a $181,000 upgrade of the surveillance cameras at the Lakeview Courthouse? As for Shoun, it is hard to figure out what he is saying. To me, it didn’t sound like anything involving improvements or compassion towards the citizens of Lake County. A citizen once told me that he disliked speaking to Shoun as he could never get a straight answer.

As for the new candidates, I’ll leave that up to you.

Orlando Gonzales


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