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Artwork of Becky Jaska showcased at Charter Communications this month

December 11, 2013 by

Samplings of art work by the late Lakeview resident Becky Jaska will be displayed in the windows of the Charter Communications office building this month.

The samples were placed on display last week and will continue to be displayed through the end of December.

As per biographical information provided to the Examiner by Nita Anderson, Jaska served as an active member of the Lake County art community for many years.  She was an integral part of the formation of the Lake County Arts and Crafts Association, a passionate endeavor in which she continued to be active until her 2008 passing.

Her roots, as an artist, stemmed back to her childhood, as Jaska began painting wildlife as a teenager.  Self-taught for the most part, she enjoyed learning new techniques and skills through workshops and to network with other artists.

It wasn’t until well into adulthood that she began taking the craft seriously, and, along with animals, found plenty of inspiration within the borders of Lake County.

She and her surviving husband, George, ranched for more than 50 years in the New Idaho area.  Her artistry tapped even into the every day tasks associated with tracking their cattle heard, utilizing a sketch of each cow’s face on its production record, rather than conventional ear tags.

“These tags were very accurate and you could easily identify which cow it was,” Anderson’s biography reported.

Jaska primarily painted for the sake of her own enjoyment, though she did create a few works on commission basis.

Painting served as a creative outlet for Jaska right up until the end of her life, with one of her granddaughters assisting in finishing a painting merely days before her passing.

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