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Any hopes of completing the Lakeview soccer field project were dashed on Monday, Oct. 13, with Darryl Anderson of Anderson Engineering and Surveying announcing that they will wait until the spring before either sodding or seeding the field during the Lake County School District #7 board meeting. The multi-purpose field being constructed near the LCSD#7 […]

Lakeview Town Council met on Tuesday, Oct. 14 to discuss several issues, chief among them a final vote on the long-discussed air quality ordinance. During the public comment portion a petition was presented, signed by 36 citizens, concerning engine braking along US 395 north of 4th street, causing a lot of noise for local residents […]

Food Share board looks for donations

Newly elected board members of the Lake County Food Share were inducted into the group of other willing members to contribute to their needing community. The board consists of Chairman Mike Newcombe, Vice Chairman Dianne Clay, Secretary Jenna Briggs and Treasurer Ronne Lindsay. Vice Chairman Dianne Clay hopes that the rebranded board will bring new […]

“So, how are you liking Lakeview?” is a question I repeatedly have been getting, especially in the third month of my moving here. I’ve felt that there is some sort of calculation or attempt of feeling out an outsider’s perspective of the slow-going lifestyle of Lake County from my questioners. Being three months in a […]

Good neighbors make good communities. Our seniors have worked twice as long and twice as hard as we have. Our seniors built this community. My husband and I have worked and volunteered at the Senior Center since May 2014. We have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the seniors. In Bible times if a senior walked by you, […]

Government agencies have issued a clarion call to cut down junipers, including ancient junipers, to “save the sage grouse”. What about all the other birds, especially migrating birds that rely on juniper berries for food and habitat? Last spring during inclement weather a robin remained in my yard for 3 days until all the blue […]

Phil McDonald claims to have: Experience? This means a person has actually done things. What things? McDonald mainly talks about his community service with organizations. Dependable? When asked questions by the newspapers or the public, McDonald’s answers are vague and generalized. McDonald has grown so used to his mode of operation he cannot see anything […]

The latest Lake County Examiner, 10/15/2014, contains an article about former Lake County Deputy Ken Turkle’s trial for sexual misconduct with a minor. On the second day, he changed his plea to “guilty.” Later that day, Deputy Chuck Pore gave a statement about how all the remaining deputies are hurt that Turkle might tarnish their […]

Having known Cliff Bentz most of our lives, we know that he has, can, and will do the best job representing us and all of Eastern Oregon. Since he was appointed in 2008 to finish out Representative Butler’s term, Cliff has done an excellant job of protecting Eastern Oregon’s rural way of life. His knowledge […]

The County has agreed to allow the Red Rock Bio Fuel burning plant to come to Lakeview. Many towns across the country have said NO to this facility. The County sees dollar signs, better retirement plans, with better pay and benefits. What will you get? You will get dirty air blowing through town like the […]

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