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Barry Point timber salvage package coming soon

Fremont-Winema National Forest officials recently announced that a timber salvage package associated with the 2012 Barry Point Fire would soon be offered up.

In a press release issued on Friday, Nov. 1, the Forest Service indicated that the harvest timber would include 26 million board feet of both ponderosa pine and white fir.

The same press release indicated that the package had previously been offered to The Collins Company’s Lakeview Sawmill under provisions of the Lakeview Federal Stewardship Unit.

Collins voiced concerns about the timeframe of the current operating season, on-site conditions and weather, and is processing salvage material from private timberlands as well as the Modoc National Forest.

The Barry Point fire encompassed 92,977 acres, which included 43,133 on the Lakeview Federal Stewardship Unit (formerly known as the Lakeview Federal Sustained Yield Unit, established in 1950 to maintain community stability through the sale of timber products from federal lands).

The Unit encompasses a total of 500,000 acres, with an estimated 300,000 of suitable harvest timber under the Fremont Harvest Plan.

Timber from the fire will be offered as a stewardship contract, according to the news release.

This process allows buyers to bid for service work, such as road maintenance and the falling of non-commercial trees along roadways, to offset some of the timber cost.

Amanda McAdams, district ranger for the Fremont-Winema National Forest’s Southeast Zone, said that the Barry Point salvage area encompasses about 5,000 acres.  Half of this area will include roadside salvage and the other half outside salvage, she said.

The roadside salvage target is 16 million board feet, with an estimated 9 million board feet of timber from the outside salvage area.

The roadside salvage includes all tree diameters due to their status as roadside hazards, McAdams said, as well as some with green needles due to a significant burn to the bowl of the tree.

The outside salvage area features a 26-inch diameter limit and only trees with green needles.

On a related note, seven miles of fence damaged as a result of suppression activities during the 2012 blaze have been reconstructed, with the Forest Service providing materials.  This has been part of an ongoing since May, McAdams said.

Grazing permittees are continuing to work on fence construction at this time, she said.

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