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Bear attack results in lost cattle in Summer Lake

Bear attack results in lost cattle in Summer Lake

A bear suspected of killing several heads of cattle was shot and killed on Friday, April 4, after being chased out of a herd on the 24 Ranch in Summer Lake.

Marie Leehmann discovered that one of their yearling heifers on the 24 Ranch had been destroyed on Wednesday, April 2, valued at around $1,000.

Two days later, Leehmann was checking cows in the evening when a bear ran out of the herd. Leehmann’s son Ryon then shot the bear within a quarter mile of their home.

“There seems to be a lot more bears in this country then there used to be,” said Marie Leehmann. “To get to be that big he’s eating something easy all the time, a lot of deer and elk fawns, wouldn’t be surprised if he was finding lots of snacks out here.”

The bear was found to be approximately 500 pounds and 6’5” in length. The Leehmann’s had recently lost two heads of cattle, both suspected to have been killed by the same bear. Field biologists took samples of the carcass, estimating the bear to be 13-15 years old.

“It’s quite an expense to lose a calf,” Leehmann added.

Following the death of the heifer the Lehmann’s filed for an agricultural damage tag. District Wildlife Biologist Craig Foster of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that the bear had been killed on a damage complaint filed by the Leehmann’s following the death of a first calf heifer.

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