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Big Government

The Town of Lakeview wants to develop the Utley geothermal well north of town to provide a back up to their existing well that is located 100 yards from Old Perpetual and that currently serves the Warner Creek Correctional Facility. This proposal is eerily similar to their failed 2009 power generation proposal for the same area that delayed the Barry Well project and cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

Negotiations with Andy Parker (The Greenhouse) over an easement from the Utley well to the Town/WCCF well did not go as the Town planned. As a result, Councilors are now resorting to the big government approach of eminent domain — stating they are moving through legal means to take a 30-foot wide, football field long piece of his land. They approved moving forward with this taking in an “Executive Session” without public input.

By hook or by crook, they are going to get what they want.

This unthinkable behind closed doors approach should frighten and enrage every citizen of Lakeview and Lake County, as our property could be next.

We simply cannot allow any elected officials or bureaucrats to forcibly take our land to further their own ambitions no matter how well or ill conceived they might be.

Luckily, Mr. Parker’s land is outside of the Town limits but within the Urban Growth Boundary. As such, it is questionable whether the Town can take Mr. Parker’s land without County (Commissioner) approval.

Our County (Commissioners) simply need to schedule a public meeting to discuss eminent domain in the county. Anyone and everyone throughout Lake County who is interested in the sanctity of private property rights should have the opportunity to attend and voice their concerns.

Please meet with or call (a Commissioner) to insist that such a public meeting occurs.

Chris Zinda


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