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Bikers Against Child Abuse looks for interest

Bruce Langslet, a biker who started a motorcycle group called the Freebird MC Brotherhood, wants to start a chapter of the Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) organization in Lakeview and Lake County.  Freebird  MC Brotherhood isn’t a biker gang. The brotherhood raises funds each year for Easter baskets that are given to foster kids around the Rogue Valley where Langslet lived prior to Lakeview.

He went to school in Lakeview and lived here most of his life.  Langslet’s mother, Exenia Blackwell, still resides here and was the reason he moved back.

Langslet moved back to the area around 2007, but only recently began trying to generate interest in creating a local chapter of BACA, which works to create a safer environment for abused children.  So far, about ten people have expressed interest in joining.

The process for becoming an official chapter involves a background check and letter of introduction to the Wyoming national chapter of BACA, according to Langslet.  The club is open to women, as well and at least five members are needed for a chapter.

Langslet was told that it would take about a year to get sanctioned as a charter chapter, as the founders are very strict about who gets in.

There are currently two chapters of BACA in Oregon, the Blue Mountain Chapter in Pendleton and the Wild Rivers Coast Chapter in Brookings.  Langslet believes a local chapter would be a very valuable addition to the area. Anyone interested in learning more about BACA can contact Langslet at 541-292-3445, or visit www.bacaworld.org. BACA’s help line is 1-866-71-ABUSE.

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