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Bitez on the Fly serves up scrumptious eats week days

Bitez on the Fly serves up scrumptious eats week days

If you are ever waiting around to get a car washed or detailed at Lakeview’s Center Street Ridez and get a hankering for something filling,  there’s no need walk back into town for a bite.

Bitez on the Fly is a sister business of the car wash and will serve waiting customers and the general public with appetizing foods like frank dogs, tacos and baked potatoes.

Owners David and Jolene Moore say they opened this supplemental business to give a quick food choice that is different than what can be found other places in Lakeview. They have taken this opportunity to task with their unique and tantalizing offerings.

On the dog front, Bitez have their vast selection of franks including beef, turkey, polish sausage, smoked kielbasa, cheddar, red hot sausage and many more. You can build your own off of one of these with their condiment bar or have them make one of their signatures like their Baja dog, nacho dog, braided dog, bacon wrapped dog, and again, a whole lot more. But they say that their chilidog, especially, is a sure favorite.

Their exclusive special would be their jalapeño dog wrapped in bacon with macaroni and cheese with jalapeño. This idea stemmed from the staff collaboration to satisfy hungry appetites with a love for food.

The Moores’ make the business a collaborative affair. Letrell Cuff, Bitez’ chef-in-residence, brings a Tex-Mex flavor to the culinary mix with her chef skills and unique palette. Philip Wright, who acts as Center Street Ridez’ shop detailer, acts as guinea pig to give honest feedback to every creation the company makes up.

Their beverage choices are sweet tea, soda and lemonade. They insist that their lemonade is not the store bought variety but freshly squeezed on request.

Already, Bitez on the Fly have had much success, even though the stand has been open for only a week. They compare their customer base in their first week received as similar to a Lake County Fair line.

Bitez on the Fly is open regular business hours Monday through Friday and accepts MasterCard, Visa and also Check; that is until one bounces. Both businesses can be found at 1208 Center St.

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