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Blockbuster franchise to film in Lake County?

On May 23, just over one month ago, Audrey E. Henry of SCOEDD spoke with Bob Schmaling, senior project manager and Jane Ridley, project manager for the Governors Office of Film and Television in Portland about the prospect of filming a major blockbuster hit in Lake County.

Schmaling sent out a feeler for filming locations, looking for each area to meet certain criteria. The place that they intend to film must have, according to Henry, a winding road with drop-offs that is paved, it has to be in the mountains, and the film crew must be able to own it for 15 to 20 days.

Schmaling and Ridley have been scouring the state for locations, and thus far, Lake County seems to be the only locale to fit the bill.

Henry directed Schmaling and Ridley to the different areas in Lake County where such terrain exists, listing the Warner Road to the north as the desired location.

Talks like this have happened many times before, said Henry. Moviemakers send out requests, get them back, and are never heard from again.

This time, they keep coming back for more information, she said.

Part of the reason they are looking to film in the state is because of the tax incentives offered here. Oregon’s Office of Films constantly receives inquiries, and New Mexico has reportedly taken advantage of those tax incentives by attracting filmmakers to the desert state.

“If they (the filmmakers) do a whole movie, you’re looking at millions of dollars in revenue,” said Henry.

The motel and hotel industries, food service industries, and local shops would certainly see an influx of revenue if the moviemakers decide to film in Lake County. Time will tell, but Henry is confident that if she could just get them to make a trip here, they would come along.

As for which blockbuster movie they might film here, Henry was mum.

But the criteria they are searching for, if examined closely, should hold clues to solving the mystery.

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