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Bubbleheads rejoice at festive Lake County bubble shows

Bubbleheads rejoice at festive Lake County bubble shows

Blowing bubbles comes naturally to professional Bubble-ologist Nick Kane of Hollywood, a mad scientist of madcap fun entertaining kids with his zany antics and massive bubbles.

Touring Lake County as part of the Lake County Libraries’ Fizz Boom READ! summer reading program, Kane thrilled swarms of kids with interactive bubble presentations during three performances in Paisley, Lakeview and Christmas Valley July 24-25. For nearly an hour Kane led kids through a series of bubble-related activities generating uproarious laughter and kids clamoring to be the first to pop the biggest bubble.

Different types of bubble making was showcased, such as smoke-filled bubbles utilizing dry ice, bubbles that could be ignited, and even attempting to break a world record for the largest bubble ever made. While no record was set, the crowd was enthused regardless, constantly being told to scoot back to give room for the presentation as kids edged to be as close as possible.

The presentation climaxed with Kane inviting three kids to be sealed inside a gigantic bubble, having them stand in a kiddie pool and pulling a ring of bubble up and over them individually.

The bubble shows were free and open to the public, presented in partnership with the Ready to Read Grant. The Library summer reading program continues through August, which will include other fun activities such as trying to create the largest stick bomb ever made. No explosives are involved in a stick bomb, it utilizes kinetic energy similar to dominoes.

For more information on the summer reading programs contact the Main Library in Lakeview at 541-947-6019.

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