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Budget assumptions discussed at county

Budgetary assumptions for the 2014/15 fiscal year were reviewed by Lake County Treasurer Ann Crumrine and shared with department heads during the Tuesday, Feb. 19, meeting of the Lake County Board of Commissioners.

A 2.6 percent Cost of Living Adjustment is the anticipated increase per labor union agreements, Crumrine said.

Regarding management salaries, the budget committee recommended a salary study be performed by the Lake County Elected Official Compensation Review Committee, which was slated to be brought before the Commissioners at their March 4 meeting, but Business Mgr. Jay Collins was sick at that time and deleted it from the agenda.

A conservative approach to budgeting for federal Payment in lieu of Taxes (PILT) funds led to the decision to once again budget $645,000 in anticipated funds received.  Similarly, $900,000 has been budgeted again for the unappropriated ending fund balance.

The contingency fund has been budgeted at $210,000, a slight reduction from the 2013/14 fund of $303,718.  Crumrine said this amount may rise or fall during budget discussions in order to balance the budget.

Specific reserves included $150,000 for the facilities fund and $2,500 for a Sheriff’s K9 program.

Reserve funds in the amount of $75,000 earmarked for a windows replacement project at the courthouse were zeroed out, as reserve funds from last year were moved over to capital improvements for this project.

Remaining unchanged from 2013/14 was $4,655 for a roping club facility and $10,000 for the onsite septic system program reserve.

Last year, $10,000 was budgeted for E-Court software, but more information is sought before determining the number for this year’s reserve fund.

Additionally, $5,000 was budgeted for a reserve fund for an emergency management services mobile command unit vehicle.  Last year’s budgeted $50,000 for an air handling system in the courthouse was increased to $75,000 for 2014/15, while more information is sought for an emergency power supply unit for the courthouse facility.

A $25,000 reserve fund was also added for the North Lake Annex building, Crumrine said.

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