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Bullard Canyon dump site

A few truckloads of dumped garbage was discovered last Monday, Sept. 23 on a side road up Bullard Canyon.

Members of a local family were apparently dumping their home garbage, said Ray Simms at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday, but didn’t remove their names from the articles.

Simms worked with the Lakeview Sheriff’s Department to clean up and identify the culprits, calling the discovery, “Pretty atrocious,” as the area belongs to the community.

“People recreate up there, there’s a shooting range and trails that are popular with locals,” said Simms, “Those people should be embarrassed,” referring to the illegal dumpers.

The site was found about one and a half miles into the canyon, off a road to the right, traveling from the entrance near the Lakeview swimming pool.

Another mess of sorts was brought up soon after discussion of the site ended at the Council meeting.

John Cogar, who leased ground to the Ruby Pipeline group for an RV park, has not finalized any actions to establish the area as a permanent RV area, or remove the hookups.

The area has around 200 spaces, and Simms commented that there isn’t demand for 20 spaces most nights around Lakeview.

The original agreement that allowed the lot to become an RV park stipulated that the improvements were supposed to be removed within 6 months of the end of pipeline construction.  At this point, it has been a few years, and Simms

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