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Can’t We Find Other Solutions?

Air quality in Lakeview has deteriorated since I moved here in 2001.

A couple weeks ago I could not see the houses behind mine early in the morning in downtown. Around 9 a.m. a high thick wall of smog slowly moved north along the ground as the wind picked up in the neighborhood. Just south of town a 10-year-old friend was having continual bronchial breathing difficulties.

During summers alkali dust and forest fire smoke and soot blow inform other areas, with local wood stove smoke overlapping or closely following in the fall.

My generation protested during the Nixon years for clean air and water quality standard. Are we willing now to complacently allow the Town and County leaders to negotiate with the Department of Environmental Quality to relax EPA standards for another three years – while they file paperwork of a management plan…. So they can return to cutting forests and build a biomass plant?

Could we begin to think about other sources of jobs than sawmills?

Could we find funding, as other towns have done, to build a solar panel field on Stock Drive to lower costs of electric for our businesses and homes, and replace wood stoves with clean electric heat?

DeeLoris Benson


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