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Care Center donates land to Historical Society

The Fort Rock Care Center Board has decided that it will be donating the land that its Rock View Apartments sat on to the Fort Rock Historical Society in the amount of 5.65 acres and a rented out doublewide trailer. This comes on the heels of the Care Center having just donated $250,000 to the Outback Retirement Center on Monday, April 15 to assist in its efforts to bring a Senior Center to Christmas Valley. While the donation has yet to become official, sources from both parties confirmed its veracity.

The Historical Society attended a Care Center board meeting that was open to the public and requested that they be kept in mind for a donation. At that public board meeting, the public was encouraged to offer suggestions about what the Care Center should do with its remaining insurance money after a fire burned Rock View Apartments to the ground last year.

A decision wasn’t made right then, however. The decision was made at a board dinner at the Summer Lake Lodge that the Care Center would be acquiescing to the Historical Society’s request.

Jerald Simmons, the chairman of the Care Center Board who hand-delivered the $250,000

check to the ORC, pitched the idea of giving a property donation as three opposed to a monetary one. The Board voted unanimously to go forward with the land donation. Lindy Simmons, Jerald’s wife and the Board’s secretary-treasurer, credited her husband’s outside the box thinking for this donation.

“Instead of giving them a cash gift,” she said, “he wanted to give them property with income potential.”

The income potential to which she is referring is the trailer that exists on the 5.65 acres, which is the Historical Society’s to do with as they please. According to Bob Tuttle, secretary-treasurer of the Historical Society Board, the donation did not end there.

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