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On Tuesday, July 22, Seth Adair Sailors was indicted by a Lake County Grand Jury on one count of delivery of controlled substance-methamphetamine. The charges stemmed when said defendant on or about Aug. 3, 2012 in Lake County  did unlawfully and knowing deliver methamphetamine. A second indictment charged Sailors with possession of a controlled substance-methamphetamine. […]

By Patrick Kennedy We’ve all been learning about the cost of not caring about mental illness. The human and financial toll of our nation’s neglect toward the mentally ill is staggering. And directly related to that neglect is the cost of not caring about a growing public health problem: marijuana use. There has been a […]

Traditionally fall sports are dominated by the prospect of football season, but based on growing trends it may be time to consider it futbol season as well. More commonly known in the states as soccer though internationally celebrated as football or futbol, the name football is illogically associated here with our American version despite the […]

My wife and I were applying everywhere for open reporter positions. I mean everywhere. I was fresh out of college having graduated at Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication last May. We are from up north in Washington, the rainy side, and only moved to Utah because of schooling and family. […]

On Tuesday, July 8, Stephani Hicks was indicted by a Lake County Grand Jury on one count of possession of a schedule II controlled substance.  The charge stemmed from an incident on or about May 22 in which Hicks allegedly unlawfully and knowingly possessed Paxil. On Tuesday, June 24, Kayleena Adamec was indicted by a […]

An insightful letter, Donald Moskowitz’ letter: “Impact of WW1 on Middle East” which alluded to the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), mentioned the Ottoman Turks being aligned with Germany, Austria-Hungaria, and Bulgaria as the Central Powers. However, it overlooked the 1915-1917 Armenian Genocide in Turkey, the precursor to the Nazi Holocaust, and future ethnic cleansing, extermination, political […]

In 1984 I was chosen as Ms. Quito for the first Paisley Mosquito Festival. The mosquitoes were REALLY bad back then, so the locals were ready and willing to help the City of Paisley raise money, in the form of a festival, to go toward mosquito control. Just eight years earlier in 1976 Paisley hosted […]

We at the Lake County Examiner put forth our best effort to present the news correct the first time — but sometimes we receive misinformation or make mistakes. If you see something incorrect, please bring it to our attention so we can set the record straight. In the July 23 edition of the Examiner the […]

Lake District Hospital had 12 admissions, 94 total emergency calls for the week of Tuesday, July 22 to Monday, July 28. Not all names of patients admitted to the hospital are released for publication.

Grace Lorraine Rivera was born on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 10:23 a.m., Weighing 7 lbs. 8 ozs. 21 1/4 inches long. Parents are Heather  and Chris Rivera of Lakeview. Siblings are Jayden, Cyrus and Bentley. Maternal grandparents are Eva Shaw of Lakeview and Bob Guggenmos of Klamath Falls. Paternal grandparents are Janice Gatchell and Gray Bristol […]

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