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Celebrating Freedom

With the Independence Day holiday falling within 48 hours of the publication of this week’s edition, it seems only all too fertile a subject to consider for such a column as this.

Elsewhere in this edition – namely the front page – there are accounts of exactly where to go and what to do in Lake County for the cause of celebrating our nation’s birthday; and there is plenty.

It’s really quite inspiring to see the fervor with which Lake County’s communities embrace the July 4th holiday.  In both the northern and southern regions, there will be community-wide celebrations bursting forth with hues of red, white and blue in recognizing all that we stand for as Americans; namely freedom and individual liberty.

In the nine years that I’ve lived and worked in Lake County, it’s been happily apparent how grateful our residents are for the privilege of living here in the United States.  What better way to share this gratitude than through community events?

Community festivities in both Christmas Valley and Lakeview, starting this Friday, are designed with an all-ages approach, as they should be.

Celebrating the quality of life and longstanding hallmarks of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness know no bounds, as far as each and every one of us is concerned.

For the kiddies, there will be plenty of games and activities with which to burn off that youthful, exuberant energy in both north and south Lake County this year.

In Christmas Valley, specifically, both the young and young-at-heart have a traditional parade to enjoy, as well as a Demolition Derby event at the Christmas Valley Rodeo Grounds over the weekend.

Likewise, the Lake County Fairgrounds in Lakeview will be bustling with activity on Friday, July 4, adding all the more to an already action-packed weekend.

Through my eyes, there’s no better demonstration of what it means to live and breathe free as an American than such an abundance of community-based fun.

Such activities serve as a reminder, if only for one day, of why we are so fortunate and live where we do.

I think the celebration also serves to remind visitors passing through the area that we do take pride in who we are and where we live.

Who knows, it might just plant the seeds for folks to move here and embrace the red, white and blue American spirit that we enjoy so much.

So, come Friday, July 4, don’t be shy: embrace the community spirit wherever you live in Lake County, and join in on the fun.

One thing’s for sure, you certainly won’t be alone.

— Ryan Bonham

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