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Chief Tenas Tecumsah (Rev. Clyde Burch)

Chief Tenas Tecumsah, also known as Rev. Clyde Burch, 82, has gone to Glory on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013 at 35 NE Arrowhead Rd., Christmas Valley. He was born Jan. 21, 1931 to Claude Burch and Verda Wells Burch in Green County, Ind.

Rev. Clyde, as a Volunteer Pastor-Overseer, loved people and wanted to help them whenever possible, taking people food, clothes, and other items to make their lives easier.  He was well-known to drive people to the hospital, doctor appointments, the Courthouse, the store and help with auto problems just out of sheer love.

Rev. Clyde was from Chief Tecumseh’s line. He valued his Native American roots and cared deeply on all Native American matters.  Chief Tenas Tecumseh stood for holding the Culture and Tongues of the Indians very carefully and not losing these very precious assets.  He oversaw the Coastal jargon Bible Translation Work with the Konaway Nation which is one of the First Native Languages in the area. He was an Indian representative and overseer of the only Native American Church in Lake County.

While he was multi-talented in many skills, he held a PhD in Welding (taught in California) and a Masters in Mechanics and went on to Theology.  He was extremely knowledgeable in the Word as an overseer.

Rev. Clyde served in the Navy, where he received three medals in Korea.  He was hit in the head by a propeller blade and lived through it to be shot down out of an aircraft into extremely cold water waiting for help.  But God kept him safe for all of his family and friends to be touched by his spirit of life.  He will be very deeply missed.

He is survived by his wife Rev. Suzan Burch; five daughters Cerita, Helene, Debbie, Merla and Sherry Dee; grandchildren, great-grandchildren and numerous other family members.

Graveside services will be held at Fort Rock Cemetery at 1 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013, followed by a  Celebration of Life at the Christmas Valley Community Hall at 2 p.m. Reverend Suzan Burch and the Konaway Nation invite all friends, family and Nations to come and share in his Life.

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