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Chihuahua Desert set to entertain at Festival

Chihuahua Desert set to entertain at Festival

Come Saturday, July 27, Paisley’s 27th annual Mosquito Festival will be halfway through its program, and the night will usher in the sounds of musical borders being crossed when Chihuahua Desert, a band from the Portland area, will entertain those in attendance.

The band, whose four members include Mark Cash, Steve Rogers, Bobby Johnson and Jon Johnson, was scheduled to play in Paisley last year before a last minute cancellation ruined their plans. Having been together for eight years now, they have played in a number of areas besides their native Portland, such as the Reno-Tahoe region and even Lakeview four years ago on New Years Eve. Chihuahua Desert, according to Cash, developed its name because the musical group “covers songs from both sides of the border,” ranging the southern United States and northern Mexico.

They are mostly a cover band, with their original music being limited. Chihuahua Desert covers a variety of different genres, with songs from country, blues, classic rock, folk rock, and Norte Latino under its belt. The group has some Midwest and farmland roots, and “an historic longing toward small town America,” said Cash.

Chihuahua Desert is particularly looking forward to entertaining the senior community, Hispanic community, the unemployed, military veterans, and mosquitoes.

“We have a very high following,” he said. “We want to honor the military members and have them come onto the stage to give them a special thank you for their services.”

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