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I have been asked to be more specific about my issues with the Town leaders. Here is the bottom line: trust. If you are going to take advice, leadership, or correction from a person, you have to believe that they are both being honest and listening to honest counsel. Those who we as citizens have hired to administrate our town are either not trustworthy or are listening to untrustworthy counsel.

A trustworthy leader would not praise an employee for “doing an excellent job,” lie to that employee by telling him, “Your job is secure, you have nothing to fear.” then terminate that employee with no reason or reference, under the guise of a probationary period. This is the (alleged) case of one former employee of the Town of Lakeview.

I stood in front of the congregation that I serve and shared two things. First, that I would be more than happy to sit down with anyone and outline my woes for the town, but that they would not come from the pulpit on Sunday mornings. Second, I reminded them that if we are not willing to stand up for one person who is being mistreated, we will not stand up for a thousand. One of my favorite quotes is from Edmond Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

How can I stand before our Maker and ask Him to give our church a global voice, to allow us to impact things like the sex trade, human trafficking, or drug addiction, if I am not willing to stand against local corruption? We have within our grasp an opportunity to return Lakeview to the grandness, my younger generation keeps hearing about, it’s beauty, love, hope, and peace. We must watch, listen, and hold accountable.

Rev. Kirk R Quinlivan II


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