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Clinical supervision contract approved

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners approved a clinical supervision contract for Lake County Mental Health during their Wednesday, Sept. 4, meeting.

Paz is pursuing a 30-hour class through Portland State University that will be held over two weekends in the early part of 2014.

Additionally, clinicians Tara Jones and Morgan Simone will pursue further licensure status — Jones is seeking to earn her status as a licensed clinical social worker, while Simone is working to become a licensed professional counselor — with Paz’s forthcoming designation.

Paz said that in order to earn a professional licensure, clinicians need to have supervised hours under someone that has a clinical supervisor designation. This designation is earned through the state of Oregon, he said.

The process of earning licensure is usually about two years, Paz said, and is a stage of professional development.

Continuing education opportunities will be a part of the process down the line, he said, and affords clinicians an opportunity to keep their skill sets current and optimized.

Following completion of their graduate level training, clinicians are generally considered quality mental health professionals, Paz said.  Many insurance agencies require treatment by a licensed individual, he said.

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