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Commissioner Non-partisan ordinance passes

Lake County voters approved by a wide margin an ordinance that would effectively remove partisanship from the county commissioner positions.

The special election held on Tuesday, Nov. 5, featured one sole ballot item for Lake County in the form of Ordinance No. 19-27.

Voter turnout was low, with a reported 39.2 percent of registered voters tallied for the ordinance, according to results from the Lake County Clerk’s Office.

Preliminary results total of 1,071 voters, or 67.66 percent, voiced their support for removing partisanship as a factor in the election of Lake County’s commissioner seats.

A total of 512 voters, or 32.34 percent, voted in opposition to the proposed ordinance.

Earlier this year, the Commissioners approved this ordinance following two public hearings in both the north and south ends of the county.

Commissioner Ken Kestner noted that, following their approval of the ordinance, the board held a firm belief that the voters needed to ultimately approve such an action in changing local voting procedure.

“We approved it, and wanted the people to voice their opinion, which they did,” he said.

Commissioner Brad Winters noted his awareness of some public opinion questioning the expense behind holding an election for one solitary election item.  He seconded Kestner’s comments on involving the public in the process of change.

“By following the process, (election day) was the date it was going to hit,” he said.

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