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Commissioner Support Needed

In May of 2012, the majority of the adult population elected a new District Attorney.  I am certain that they intended and expected county officials to support the incoming DA.  This hasn’t happened.  The county commissioners have set the example for other county employees.

We, the voters, need to see the commissioner’s support Ulys Stapleton, as these elected officials should serve at the will and pleasure of the citizens of Lake County.  Yesterday, (during the commissioners’ April 16 works session) the commissioners stated that one of their responsibilities was to provide security for the county employees within the courthouse.  They also have a responsibility to protect and serve all the citizens of Lake County.

The support of Ulys’ agenda and his priorities for the county will work towards the good of all citizens.  It is unacceptable to make it Ulys’ fault that he did not receive the information for which he has requested.  A better approach would have been, “If you want that information, I will make certain you get it.”

Prior to approving the purchase of an advanced security system, we need some specifics.  We need to consider what Ulys has requested.  And, as yet, his office doors don’t have locks or door knobs.

Those elected officials who do not support Ulys Stapleton and who do not provide transparency to which the public is entitled will be expected to change their personal priorities or leave office.

Orlando Gonzales


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