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Commissioners approve COLA increase

Among the decisions by Lake County’s Board of Commissioners during their Wednesday, April 17, regular session was a cost of living increase for elected county officials for 2013/14.

The discussion stemmed from a recommendation by the Elected Official Compensation Review Committee, a group featuring broad community representation that discusses the topic each year.  The committee issued a recommendation to the commissioners for a 2.6 percent cost-of-living increase, which was approved by a unanimous vote.

Discussion will continue at a later date on a recommendation to increase the salary of the county clerk by a figure of $4,000 to $6,000 due to recently-completed election-related certification, said Commissioner Ken Kestner.

During the discussion portion of the meeting, Commissioner Brad Winters noted that a stipend of $6,000 is paid to the county tax assessor for tax collection purposes, and a $6,000 stipend is paid to the county treasurer for grant compliance assurance duties.

Kestner said, during the meeting, that additional follow-up is needed on the recommendation for the clerk position.  He also said the 2.6 percent is the minimum point of negotiation for union negotiated salaries.

Kestner additionally noted that the wages for the positions serve as a point of attraction for potential candidates.  Commissioner Dan Shoun noted that the 2.6 percent increase applies to all elected positions.

The county also approved an agreement with the groundwater and environmental consultant firm Mark Yinger Associates of Sisters for continued monitoring services at the Lake County landfill site.  Commissioner Brad Winters noted this is an annual agreement with a slightly reduced dollar figure this year ($12,450) for related groundwater analysis services at the landfill.

Warner Creek Correctional Facility Supt. Steve Brown provided an update on emergency bed implementation at the WCCF facility. The commissioners also discussed open funding requests from varied departments, proposals for building security updates and additional appointee recommendations for the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization Community Advisory Committee.

2 Responses to "Commissioners approve COLA increase"

  1. Hassan bin Sober (Real name withheld )  May 1, 2013 at 8:34 am

    Probably all republicans.Right? …Republicans want to rape my Social Security and Medicare. But can’t even do the job they get paid for. Getting really tired of this crap!

  2. John  April 25, 2013 at 8:41 am

    The one thing we can count on is politicians voting themselves a raise while the tax payers that pay for the raise either don’t get a raise or have their wages cut. Sustainability? What’s that?


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