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Commissioners approve programs and budgets

For their weekly work session, the County Commissioners met to approve several funding requests through many County departments.

Jennifer Stephens of the County billing office put forward a change in how permits would be processed. The change would put into service an online-based program where all permit processing would be done. The Commissioners moved forward with the project so it could be fully put into practice at a minimum of 2015.  See accompanying story in next week’s paper for additional details.

A recommendation for the replacing of the County Courthouse windows was put forward by Property and Facilities Mgr. David Berman and was also considered and approved. See the accompanying story for further details in next week’s Examiner.

Jake Greer, Community Corrections director, presented a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Lake County Mental Health to provide treatment services to convicted sex offenders in Lake County for $10,000. A similar MOU with Lake County Mental Health for Domestic Violence Intervention was put forward by Greer that would  provide the program with $10,000 in funding. Dir. Greer also put his department’s biennium budget forward. Another MOU with Lake County Mental Health was presented to provide the Moral Recognition Therapy Program to those on adult supervision and risk out at medium or high levels. Lastly, another MOU was approved that ensures that Klamath County will provide jail beds for Lake County inmates when needed.

Benjamin Paz of the Community Addictions and Mental Health Services brought forth an amendment to add $7,350.52 in funds to their flexible funding over the course of the agreement. The flexible funding is to be used in various ways to help the department’s clients.

Paz gave updates on successes in the department to the County Commissioners saying that the department decreased “no-show” rates to 11 percent with the goal of decreasing it further to 10 percent. He contributed this success to consistency and reliability with their clients as well as effective outreach.

The next Commissioner’s Regular Session is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 6 at 10 a.m.

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