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Commissioners approve road name request

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners approved a request for a road name change in Adel during their Wednesday, Oct. 16, regular business meeting.

The county received a road naming application from the Lake County Planning Commission for a road consisting of both public (county) and private ownership (John O’Keeffe).  The request proposed renaming the road O’Keeffe Lane.

A public hearing was held during the commissioners’ Tuesday, Oct. 15, work session with no comment received.

The naming is needed in order to obtain 9-1-1 identification, address and signage purposes. Commissioners Ken Kestner and Dan Shoun approved the request unanimously.  Commissioner Brad Winters was not present during the meeting.

The board also approved the appointment of Lonnie Chavez to serve on the Klamath Community College advisory board.  Chavez replaces Bob Nash, who recently resigned from the board.

An annual funds exchange agreement between Lake County and Oregon Department of Transportation saw approval by the commissioners.  This agreement pertains to federal funds channeled through the state, and is a measure that ensures maximum funding implementation locally for an overlay project on the Old Lake Road in northern Lake County.

The exchange rate is $94 state dollars per $100 federal dollars, according to documents related to the 2013 Fund Exchange Agreement.  The county seeks to trade $254,793 in federal funds for $239,505 of state funds.

Commissioner Kestner noted that the exchange agreement would actually allow for a savings of 30 cents per dollar upon accounting of all expense factors.

The commissioners also approved by unanimous vote the appointment of Justin Ferrell to a vacant seat on the Lake County Planning Commission, following brief discussion with Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Lakeview resident Philip Blythe voiced concerns of hot springs that appeared dried up in the vicinity of the geothermal well currently in development by the Town of Lakeview.

Oregon Outback Mining Company Pres. John Price provided an update on efforts related to a faceting and manufacturing operation he hopes to have operational locally by next spring.

A sunstone festival event is also in the planning stages for July 2014.

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