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Commissioners discuss new vehicle purchases

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners discussed vehicle purchases for two departments during their Tuesday, Sept. 3, work session.

The first recommendation stemmed for a vehicle for the Lake County Road Department.  A routine vehicle replacement purchase, the recommendation is for a Ford F-350 pick-up to be purchased from Hall Motor Company.

The second vehicle purchase under discussion is a four-wheeler ATV, as recommended by Facilities Mgr. Dave Berman.  Berman noted that the need exists for such a vehicle to be utilized for snow removal purposes during the winter, as well as hauling yard debris and other general utility usage.

The ATV would be purchased from Klamath Basin Equipment-Lakeview, he said, and would be afforded in light of lower-than-anticipated costs related to a recently-built maintenance storage building.

Both vehicle purchases were approved during the Commissioners’ Wednesday, Sept. 4, regular session, held in Silver Lake, Commissioner Dan Shoun said.

Other regular session action included the approval of a revised job description for the assistant building director position, presented by the County’s business manager, Jay Collins.  This topic pertained to the position recently issued to former code specialist Jennifer Stephens following a recent special session.

During the work session discussion, Collins said that the position’s scope of authority was still under determination, as well as what role the position holds with regard to planning activities.  The element of cross-training between the two departments for the position was previously discussed by the Commissioners.

An example of such duties includes the assistant director’s traditional handling of accounts payable for the planning department.

Regarding a dedicated building official, the County is currently contracting with outside counties for these services in the north and south parts of Lake County, respectively.  The position previously held by former Lake County Building Official Tony West is currently vacant.

Bids are sought for both higher and lower-end materials for their construction.  Signage under discussion includes those for the courthouse itself, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and the local ministerial sign detailing the community’s churches.

A final action taken on Sept. 4 included the appointment of Debbie Utley to the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization Community Advisory Committee.

The Commissioners additionally approved the establishment of a position to be shared by Lake County Community Justice and the Lake County Facilities manager, as well as a clinical supervision contract agreement for Lake County Mental Health.

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