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Commissioners discuss varied nuisance updates

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners discussed a variety of nuisance property updates with Lake County Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson during their Tuesday, Sept. 17, work session.

Johnson brought to the board a number of nuisance property issues with status updates on each.

The first property, located on North U Street, had been a topic of several discussions at previous meetings.

The property, owned by Rebecca Louise and Lorrine Ellen Cowdrey, had been subject to complaints of excessive vegetation and solid waste, including numerous vehicles and trailers.

At previous meetings, Johnson had noted difficulty in reaching the owners, but since that time successful correspondence had taken place and Johnson reported that progress is now being made.

The back alley part of the property still needs to be mowed down, but the trailers and garbage are now gone.

The last renter to have lived on the property is reportedly taking care of the clean-up work, Johnson said.

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