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Commissioners, KCC discuss 2014/15 contract

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners and Klamath Community College officials discussed their contract for out-of-district services during a Wednesday, May 28, special session.

The meeting served as purely a discussion opportunity, as no formal action was taken at that time.  A formal draft contract for the 2014/15 school year is expected to be prepared this week, so discussions pertained to the existing contract for the current school year.

The primary discussion pertained to the county’s match funding for the contracted services.  Participating in the meeting via conference call were KCC’s president, Dr. Roberto Gutierrez, and Chief Financial Officer Eric Stasak.

Commissioner Dan Shoun noted the County’s full support for KCC’s educational services presence locally, but voiced concern for a bill recently received that exceeded the county’s maximum match contribution of 20 percent, as per the existing contract, which calls for a range of $10,000 to $20,000.

Shoun also noted that an e-mail received shortly after receipt of the bill directed the County to disregard the bill due to their contracted agreement.  The County budgeted $17,000 for the agreed match funding amount, he said.

Gutierrez suggested a proposed change in the match funding range from $16,000 to $25,000 in reflection of potential increases in local educational services, but Shoun said he had concerns with exceeding the County’s budgeted figures by more than a rate of 10 percent.

Under the County’s budget procedures, changes that exceed that amount necessitate a supplementary budget process, which requires advertising and public hearings as part of the process.

Gutierrez agreed to the maximum 10 percent increase, which would afford a maximum County-issued match contribution of $22,000.

Commissioner Brad Winters cited state law that dictates the 20 percent figure for match funding, which is governed in part by the number of FTE employees on site at the KCC/Innovation Learning Center.

Commissioner Ken Kestner said if a new program comes up that the County would like to see implemented, the new contract should have an option to address their support for such opportunities.

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