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Commissioners to advertise LCMH director position

In light of the recent termination of former Lake County Mental Health Dir. Jack Breazeal, Lake County’s Board of Commissioners discussed potential actions during a Tuesday, May 28, work session.

Options on the board range from appointing the interim director Ben Paz to soliciting applications from outside candidates, Commissioner Ken Kestner said.

Commissioner Brad Winters noted that the interim appointment is for a 60-day period, but also said the county should advertise the position.

Business Mgr. Jay Collins said that the decision for Breazeal’s termination was outside the county’s authority.

The Oregon Health Authority, with whom the county contracts to provide local mental health services, made the determination that Breazeal was not fit to continue as the director.

The OHA made this determination following a background check on Breazeal in the wake of a December 2012 incident in which Breazeal was charged with driving under the influence following a motor vehicle crash.

Commissioner Dan Shoun supported soliciting input from the Mental Health Advisory Board, which is slated to meet this week, but also said the county needs to initiate action.

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