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Commissioners to leave liaison roles intact

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners agreed, by consensus, to continue existing liaison assignments during their Tuesday, April 16, work session.

The discussion stemmed from recent issues of miscommunication and confusion on directives related to forthcoming roofing and air-handling projects related to the courthouse.

The county’s property and facilities manager, Bob Pardee, and the commissioners recently ironed out miscommunications from within the courthouse pertaining specifically to courthouse roofing and air-handling system projects.

Pardee tendered his resignation as the county’s property and facilities manager within the past month, with a tentative effective date of May 15.

Since that time, the county approved a slight revamp of the position, which will largely remain the same aside from land sale and nuisance duties being moved over to the planning department.

The discussions sparked talks with the commissioners on whether to reassign a single commissioner to the position once a new candidate is hired.

During the April 16 meeting, Commissioner Dan Shoun said he felt the board is currently effective and fluid in its operations as three points of contact for the property and facilities manager.

He also said he feels providing directives in open sessions with all three commissioners present would be an effective manner in which to prevent future miscommunications.

Shoun also said it is up to the county’s department heads to speak up in the event of a contradictory directory.

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