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Committee pushes to sell final wreaths

Committee pushes to sell final wreaths

As mornings lose their summer warmth, the time is close when winter wreaths for the December decorum around Lakeview must be bought in time to place upon street lamps along F Street.  Friday, Sept. 27, is the final deadline for buying one of the last 12 wreaths, which entitles the sponsor to a memorial or commemorative plaque upon a street lamp pole that will bear their wreath.

The Christmas Committee, which is responsible for coming up with these and other decorations and events during the holidays, was created after a drab-seeming December in 2010.  Citizens talked to Mayor Mike Patrick, who joined others to create the current 11-member Committee.

Kathy Duggan, Dave Banks, Donna Newcombe, Kelly McGarva, Eric Sorensen, Ken Kestner, Paul Friesen, Elicia Bingham, Tallulah Chiono, Ray Simms and Mayor Patrick are all responsible for planning events and decorations for the holiday season.

They will set up the schedule for future meetings there, said Patrick, and meet through Christmas, with one last gathering in January or February to discuss the events of the holiday season.

The Mayor also wanted to reassure citizens that decorations put up around the town early are only placed because of scheduling issues with the Public Works Department.  The Department can only take the time to place decorations as their work schedule allows, and the decorations are only lit when Dec. 1 and the tree-lighting ceremony rolls around.

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