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Community meetings to showcase CHIP strategies

A community-wide meeting related to local health care issues will be held in Lakeview on Thursday, June 19.

The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. and will be held at the Lakeview Elks Lodge.

Convening under the theme of “Healthy Outback,” the meeting will showcase the strategies developed by the Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) Community Advisory Committee (CAC) over recent months.

A North Lake meeting was held in Christmas Valley on Thursday, June 5.

Last September, similar meetings were held to brainstorm the most significant health care issues throughout the county.  Work groups were then splintered off to discuss specific topics, with specific strategies developed.

The strategies included dental/oral health, mental health, physical activity and senior services.

On the agenda for this second community-wide edition is a presentation of the aforementioned strategies of the Community Health Improvement Plan. Also slated for discussion is a question pertaining to what one other element the public would examine to make Lake County a healthier place.

The CHIP CAC has met monthly in developing the strategies and discussing effective implementation, as well as discussed community health data, in developing the plan.

Presentations by such stakeholders within the community will include Advantage Dental, Lake County Mental Health, Lake County CHIP and the Lake County Senior Citizens Association.

“Rural communities like Lake County face unique barriers when it comes to health care, including a lack of providers, an aging population suffering from a greater number of chronic conditions and larger percentages of un-and underinsured citizens,” said Oregon Office of Rural Health Dir. Scott Ekblad.  “The work of the Lake County CHIP is a great example of how rural communities are coming together to find solutions.”

For more information, contact CHIP coordinator John Adams at 541-947-2114, ext. 375.

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