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Community theater returns to Lakeview

Community theater returns to Lakeview

A dedicated group of stage players successfully brought an adaptation of the classic animated Walt Disney film “Beauty and the Beast” to life last weekend; complete with a happy ending.

The group opened its production of “Beauty and the Beast, Jr.” on Friday, June 6, and repeated its performance the following evening.  A formidable crowd turned out for the roughly two-hour production, which was geared toward a family-friendly audience.

The traditional story traced the relationship between bookworm Belle, played by Candace Johnson, who voluntarily takes her father Maurice’s (played by Jonquil Kasbohm) place as the prisoner of The Beast (Darwin Johnson).

Of course, any great fairy tale-type story requires a romantic subplot, and in this case it is the flamboyant Gaston (played by Klint Rhea) that competes with The Beast for Belle’s affections.

Once the traditional supplementary characters and a lively soundtrack of musical numbers, all instantly recognizable from the big screen production, are included, a lively and impressive display of local talent is the end result.

The cast included a broad demographic of ages and experience levels, brought together under the deft direction of Sarah Davis and Erica Bray.

The play was performed in two acts and 15 scenes inclusive of a prologue and a grand finale.

Assistance behind the scenes included Candace Johnson, Jennifer Stephens, Diana Banks, Erica Bray, Angie Schneider, Neoma Cozzalio and Jade Kasbohm assisting with costumes.

Banks, Johnson, Erica Bray, Riyan Bray and Zack Hollars assisted with the props.

Funding and sponsorship for the play also included key support from the Lake Arts Council, The Collins Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, US Bank, Safeway, Pacific Power Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, Lake County Cultural Coalition and Oregon Arts Commission.

Call the Examiner, 541 947-3378, if you’re interested in purchasing a video of the performance.

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