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Conflicting Reports

The recent articles in the Examiner and Herald and News addressing the future of the Schminck Museum appeared to report conflicting information.

Eric Hedlund interviewed local residents who have volunteered to staff the museum for the last month before the scheduled seasonal closing. He was following up on rumors the museum would permanently close.

There are many layers of information that led to these rumors and they must be sorted out by those responsible for operating the museum before becoming newsworthy. It is not news to anyone that the business environment has changed dramatically. The OSDAR has functioned as trustee for the Schminck Memorial Museum for over 50 years as set forth in the will of Lulu Schminck.

Many improvements during these years were funded by DAR members who took a personal interest in the welfare of the museum,. The OSDAR Board of Management for the museum provided oversight for business and operating practices.

These combined efforts have produced a museum that is a treasure and very worthy of preserving.

Lulu Schminck’s will included provisions should the OSDAR no longer wish to manage the museum.

Our cultural history is priceless and not replaceable and I certainly believe the museum will survive whatever decisions are made. Please visit this week as our seasonal closing is Sept. 28. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come enjoy a peek back into our history.

 Jan Kniskern, 


(40 year member of DAR)

Not a member of the museum Board of Management


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