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Construction underway for fixed MRI unit

Construction underway for fixed MRI unit

Visitors at Lake District Hospital no doubt have noticed some construction work underway in between the main and emergency entrances.

Construction work for the hospital’s forthcoming fixed MRI unit is currently underway.  During the Lake Health District’s recent May 8 board meeting, the hospital’s CEO, Charlie Tveit, provided an update on the project’s progress.

Oregon Health Authority has approved all the mechanical and electrical plans for the installation, as presented by architects with the firm CTA Architects and Engineers,  with construction overseen by Anderson Construction.  Both are companies that designed the recent hospital remodel and new construction, Tveit said.

Numerous local contractors are also being utilized wherever possible on the project, he noted.

Tveit noted that construction is certainly on target for completion by the end of July or beginning of August.

In the meantime, the district has continued MRI services utilizing a mobile-based company that will remain on site until the fixed unit it up and running.  Volume during the month of April showed a marked upsurge, increasing by a factor of 25 percent with a patient caseload of 50 compared to 32 cases the previous month.

This increase exceeded the projections anticipated for increased volume of service once the new fixed unit is in place, Tveit said.

The new MRI unit is expected to prove a valuable addition to existing health care services for both Lake and Modoc County-based patients, he said, as there is no such unit available at medical centers in Modoc.

Lake Health District’s board approved the purchase of a fixed MRI unit during their Dec. 5, 2013, board meeting. The unit, in question, is a General Electric brand, at a cost of $979,205.

At that time, the district approved a maximum cap of $1,550,000 for the purchase and installation of the unit, and the district had previously budgeted $1.3 million for the new addition.

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