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Contact Rep. Walden

Everyone’s reliance on the Postal Service is in jeopardy.

The threat of five-day delivery and reduced serviced standards bring an immediate harm to you as well as setting the stage for further cuts. As that happens, your will continue to be serviced, in whatever manner, by whatever “for-profit” companies fill the void.

The American Public owns the US Postal Service which was never intended to be profit-making. Article 1 of the US Constitution directs that there will be a Post Office and that it will provide a service to the American public. Despite arguments to the contrary, the Postal Service does not need a taxpayer bailout.

In 2006, Congress imposed a burden on the Postal Service that no other entity has to bear. They passed legislation demanding that the Postal Service pre-fund retiree health-care for seventy-five years into the future. That’s right. The Postal Service is obliged to deposit billions of dollars into the funds to provide for people who don’t work for the Postal service and haven’t even been born yet. On top of that, those funds have already been overpaid by approximately $80 billion. We need legislation to return that overpayment to the Postal Service as well as we need to ensure six-day delivery.

That will depend on everyone’s involvement. In order to protect yourselves, it’s imperative that you contact Congressman Walden immediately and insist that he take the steps necessary to protect the Postal Service.

Thanks for your consideration. If I can be of any assistance, please contact me.

Tom Gates


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