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We at the Lake County Examiner put forth our best effort to present the news correct the first time — but sometimes we receive misinformation or make mistakes. If you see something incorrect, please bring it to our attention so we can set the record straight.

Clarification: In the Feb. 20 edition’s coverage of the Lake Health District’s Feb. 7 board meeting, it should be noted that the comments regarding the current Mobile MRI services should be given additional context.

Chief Financial Officer Ken Landau and Chief Executive Officer Charlie Tveit said that the services provided by Mobile MRI do not lack in quality, and that the equipment contained within the mobile unit is of the latest technology. The comments during the meeting were not intended to suggest a lack of quality services provided by the district or Mobile MRI. Rather, both Tveit and Landau noted that some outside sub-specialists have a mis-perception that a lesser quality of service is provided by mobile units, versus in-house service providers. The equipment contained within the Mobile MRI trailer is not inferior, nor is the service provided to patients, Landau and Tveit said.

Adding six additional MRI customers to the existing average of about 30 per month at present would justify the implementation of a fixed unit within the hospital, they said.

Mobile MRI travels to Lakeview from Idaho and is available every Saturday as well as every other Wednesday at Lake District Hospital.

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