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Cost savings to county on Road Dept. oil quotes

Lake County Board of Commissioners approved quotes for oil related to Lake County Road Department paving and asphalt work during their Tuesday, March 4, work session.

The approved bids came from Idaho Asphalt, with a cost savings of $7.50 per ton on paving oil from last year at $625.50, and $529 on chip sealing oil, which was $578 per ton last year.

Other action items included the appointment of Mary Anderson as a board member for the Elected Official Compensation Review Committee.

The board also approved submission of an application for newly-available ODOT Special Transportation Funds (STF) allotted by legislative action.

The Commissioners additionally toured the Lake County Jail facility (see the March 12 edition) as well as an update on refuge activities by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Project Mgr. John Kasbohm (also in the March 12 edition).

Discussion of fireworks funding challenges for this year’s Independence Day festivities was brought forward by Lake County Chamber board member Kelly McGarva.  A story detailing this discussion was included in the March 12 edition.

Lt. Paul Havel updated the commissioners on the completion of security system upgrades.  A complete story is featured elsewhere in this edition.

In department updates, Havel also reported on the jail’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, which recently saw an extensive upgrade.  One segment of ductwork is in need of replacement, which will be handled by the contractor, Professional Heating.

Overall, however, the system has greatly increased air circulation in the jail facility, he said, at a rate of six times per hour.  The actual cost for installation came in well under budget, at an estimated 25 percent of the initial quote, Commissioner Dan Shoun said.

The inmate phone system within the jail was also functional once more as of Monday, March 3, Havel said, following an issue through which the former service vendor shut the system down.

In transitioning to a new service, there wasn’t supposed to be a lapse in operations, but this has since been rectified, Havel said.

Facilities Mgr. Dave Berman reported that the courthouse elevator repair awaits the necessary parts.  Rollers needed to complete the repair are no longer manufactured, necessitating  custom fabrication work.

On the railroad forefront, Lake Railway is looking to build a fence around the main depot as a measure of increased security.  A defined boundary with signage will thwart off potential issues of vandalism, and the operator will also install a camera on site.

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