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Council moves into next stage of pool construction

There was no unfinished business to discuss, so the Council moved on to presenting the draft of their new agreement with the Department of Environmental Quality.  The agreement, once finalized, would provide funding for air quality programs, public outreach and air quality forecasting.

One of the latest programs to help Oregon areas reduce emissions to meet air quality standards is called PM Advance.  The agreement presented at the Council meeting would entitle the Lake County area covered by the program to $17,000 in federal funding.

The Council is also looking at trying to become part of a state sustainability program that would designate the County as a sustainability area.  Simms described the program as the state-level counterpart of the federal Advance program.

Business then turned to the pool construction project, which is now free to go forward, but faces the issues of time and weather changes.  As it is now mid-September, with an estimated time of 30 days for the bid process and selecting a contractor, Simms is concerned about starting something the contractor can’t finish.

Much of the work is weather sensitive, as the concrete required for the pool won’t set up well in the cold of winter or late fall.  Still, the Council decided to go ahead with the process of drawing up documents and advertising for bids, seeing where they stand by the end.

By mid-October, Simms said they should know if it is feasible to move forward with construction work or consider options like starting after next swim season after patching the pool once more.

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