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Country’s Future is a Concern

The state of this country reminds me of the Titanic.  There is an appearance that everything is fine and that everything will for the foreseeable future be fine.  However, we are headed toward an iceberg.  One agency has already lowered our credit rating from AAA and another is threatening to do the same.

The U.S. dollar is in essence the global currency.   At some point when other countries see this country  hopelessly in debt with a struggling economy and a lowered credit rating, they are going to start cashing in their U.S. dollars.  When that happens, the U.S. dollar will become worthless and that is when we hit the iceberg.  It will happen much more quickly than people might think.

The President has tried to convince us that the upcoming federal cuts will be “Draconian” and will cause great hardship.  He is the master of manipulation and distortion.  The upcoming federal cuts represent a 2.4 percent cut in federal spending, which is simply a drop in the bucket and is not nearly enough to get our finances in order.  So, why is the President taking us on this course?

 John Russell


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