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County approves appointments, agreements

Committee appointments as well as relatively routine agreement approvals served as the primary business at the County Commissioners’ Tuesday, May 28, work session.

Included in the appointments was the approval of a recommendation of Anne Kasbohm to the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization’s Community Advisory Committee.

This committee includes a roster of representatives on behalf of Oregon Health Plan consumers, education districts, health care professionals and a multitude of other organizations.  The committee meets monthly to discuss and ascertain local community health needs throughout the county.

Commissioner Brad Winters also recommended the appointment of Commissioner Dan Shoun to serve on the Oregon Department of Forestry’s External Review Board, which.  Shoun agreed to serve, contingent upon the condition that it would be a productive move for the county.

The board’s primary purpose would be to examine the process of the Barry Point Fire effort of 2012, discussing things that went right as well as wrong in the suppression effort.  The Commissioners approved the appointment in a 2-0 vote, with Shoun abstaining.

The Commissioners approved a memorandum of agreement with Lake County Resources Initiative.

This MOA formally recognized the County’s granting of funding in the amount of $15,000 for one year, which will be utilized by LCRI for continued economic development activities related to renewable energy.

Additional business approved included a lease transfer from Oregon State Police to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for radio equipment located at the Black Cap communications station site.

Sheriff Phil McDonald said that the agreement is a housekeeping item that acknowledges the lease transfer from one state agency to another.

All the existing infrastructure remains in place, and it is only the lease holder that changes through the transfer agreement, he said.

The reasons for the transfer are that ODOT already has most of the infrastructure in place for the radio equipment and that a recent Senate bill consolidated the communications project with one entity.

The Commissioners also approved an easement request by local residents Roger and Judith Chase.  Commissioner Winters provided background on the property, noting that the county property previously encompassed one unit.  The applicant’s property is adjacent to the county property, and the easement is needed for access to their shop located on the back of the applicant’s property.

A $1 fee in perpetuity will be charged by the County in exchange for the use of the easement, as per the approved motion.

A week earlier, on Tuesday, May 21, the Commissioners approved a vacation accrual policy that modified non-union employees’ vacation benefits.  Non-union employees will accrue 1/24 of their annual vacation each pay period, with 24 pay periods in a year.

The only fiscal impact comes when an employee terminates their employment with the County, at which time they will be paid out for any accrued vacation at that point.

The County additionally approved a new merchant agreement with Maryland-based Kropp Holdings, Inc., for government aviation fuel transactions at the Lake County Airport, effective June 1.

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